Langebaan NG Church 23rd December 2015 – Why i walk around NG church 7 times with Cross

(Why do i walk with the cross 7 times around the NG Church some ask? I dont know and is only doing it in obedience to God telling me to do it. After i walked around the NG church in Langebaan when we got to Vredenburg and stopped outside the NG church there Holy Spirit told me that as of now every town we visit in Western Cape i must walk around the NG church as He showed me how to do it in Langebaan. To date we have out of the 106 towns visited in the Western Cape walked around 80 + NG Churches )

Yesterday 23rd Dec 2015 walking in Langebaan Holy Spirit led me to walk up Oostewaal Road towards the end of town. On the way the Holy Spirit told me to walk to the Langebaan NG church to pray there. When I got closer the Lord told me to pick up 7 stones but told me to wait until I get to the church as He will show me where to find them.

When I got to the NG church there was a lot of people there with some church activities and also people giving blood. I put the cross down and asked the Lord where I must pick up the stones. He told me I need to walk down to the beach where I will find them. I walked to the beach about 200m from the church. When I got to the beach I picked up 3 stones as I could not find any around but Lord said not those He will show me. I continued to walk and came across an area with lots of small stones. I picked up 7 stones and walked back to the church.

I also noticed that there is a Methodist church is next to the NG church in the same grounds. The Lord told me that the 7 stones I need to use as an indicator as He want me to walk around the church 7 times and pray in tongues only as I walk. The Lord said I have to start by the tower with the cross that is on top. Every time I pass I must throw one of the stones down at the foot of that tower until I have walk around 7 times.
I walk and interceded praying only in the spirit as the Lord gave me utterance and not one word of understanding. Every time I passed people just looked at me and nobody approached me to find out what I am doing bearing in mind I was carrying a 4 meter cross.

As I finished the 6th time around the church the Lord said I must walk the 7th time praising and worshiping him aloud. I completed the walk, sat down prayed and rest a few minutes, left the NG church grounds and continued to walk down the road back to the beach.

Thank you  Lord for great things that You are going and is doing in Langebaan with all the people the unbelievers and believers from all churches

(The next day walking on the Oostevaal road a lady stop very excited to meet me. She said she was from the Methodist church next to the NG. i shared with her what the Lord said i must do. She said they have been praying for a long time trusting the Lord for there own church building)



NG Church Langebaan Lord led me to pray



Lord told me to go to beach to find 7 stones


Lord told me to throw a small stone at the foot of the tower that holds the cross every time i pass for 7 times



As i completed the 6th time Lord told me to as i walk the 7th time to loudly praise and worship Him


Three Anchor Bay 11the Dec 2015 12h00 – 14h00 Prayer/Worship


Come and join Winnie and myself  with others and the cross tomorrow 11th December between 12h00 – 14h00 on the small beach at Three Anchor bay as we together with other Christians pray and worship and intercede for revival to take place from Cape Town – Jerusalem. Join us as we pray for the for the Gospel to go forth from Cape Town to Jerusalem. Bring along you shofar , flags and guitars as we will praise and worship Jesus.  All is welcome. We doing this  with Maditshaba Moloko from Cape to Jerusalem Prayer Watch and other leaders from all over Africa to bring unity with each other as believers in Christ  answering the call. Contact me on 081 7955040 if you want to come. i have included a map of where we will be. You will find us at the small beach at the beginning of Three Anchor Bay  and Mouille Point. Come and answer the call with us to unite and see Africa changed for Jesus. See you there.
Johan & Winnie

The Call 
Our brother Rick Ridings of Succat Hallel (24/7 House of Prayer overlooking the Temple Mt.) had a prophetic Vision of a wave across Africa shaking witchcraft and idolatry and bringing increased harvest on the 10th November 2015

Based on this vision and other revelations, a group of leaders and intercessors will perform a prophetic act in Cape Town at Cape Point on the 11th of December 2015 from 12h00 to 14h00 South African time zone (UTC+02:00) led by Baruch Maayan, a South African Born Messianic leader now based in Israel.

After much prayer, revelation and understanding, we are also calling Leaders and Intercessors from EVERY NATION on the Continent of Africa to UNITE with us during this time to praise, worship and pray and to stand in the gap for your Nation (in your Country) at this pivotal moment.  Please also read Isaiah 19.  We will also be joined by Intercessors from Israel, Jerusalem.


Seapoint to Campsbay and back for Jesus with the cross 9th Dec 2015

i was led to walk with the cross from beginning Seapoint to Camps starting @ Three Anchor Bay along Main road to Camps Bay coming back again via Beach Road which is about a 16km walk. The day was lovely but very hot. It was a blessing a i walk to pray for the people of Seapoint as i walk. a few stopped and spoke to me but many seeds was sown as i walked. Coming into Bantry bay the Holy Spirit led me to walk down Saunders lane which was off the main route i planned. Not sure why i had to walk down there but as it is my lovely wife Winnie’s maiden name i interceded for her family as i walked do the lane. i rather be obedient to sacrifice as God knows what and where i need to go.

Back on the main road i stopped to speak to some construction workers. The one man Emmanuel wanted to hold the cross and i could see that God was touching him in a very special way while holding the cross. The road between Bantry bay is fairly narrow and people could not stop easily but as the cross is seen many seed are sown as i walk. At one time a car passed me to close and his mirror got my arm but Praise God it was no damaged. i do feel he did it intentionally as at that place there was enough space for him to pass. Never the less that gave me a opportunity as he continued to drive to pray for him and his family. A lot of bicycles ride on that road in the same space as where i walk and me with the cross is not much difference as i keep to the left all the time close to the side of the road.

As i approached Camps-bay i took some time to sit down and rest and pray at the same time admiring the view from Maidens cove. Close by they were making a movie and as i left one of the medics that work there asked me about the cross. i sat down with him for a while sharing the Gospel with him and he told me it is a advert they making for a company oversees for yogurt. He blessed me with cold water and some fruit as i left him.

i walked to Camps bay, had a rest and started walking back. i was fairly tired by then as the heat was getting to me but just asked Jesus to lift me up and continued to walk. Passing Clifton beach a elderly couple stopped and asked for a photo of me and the cross. We stated talking and they from Switzerland on holiday and flying back on Friday. They said in South Africa we need more Christians to go out and share the gospel like i do as the state of the country is not good. They also said that in Switzerland on the other hand people don’t need there as they have everything as money is in abundance there. They were both Christian and the love of Jesus was very evident in them as they talked. We walked together for a while and before we parted i prayed for them and Switzerland. They also prayed in Swiss which i could not understand but it was a blessing to part with them that way. i shared with them that if it is God’s will next year Winnie and i want to go walk with the cross in Europe for a few months soon

Got back to the car just after 18h00 very tired, with back hurting as it was not a easy walk but rejoicing as Jesus touched so many that day. Even as i was loading the cross into the car a 80 year old lady came passed and she being a catholic experience the love of God with the cross as i spoke to her

Thank you Jesus for keeping me and giving me the strength to walk with the cross. i thank you Lord Jesus that all the people i prayed for and spoke to will walk with you and that all the seeds sown during this time will produced much fruit. Amen



Walked down Saunders Road praying for Saunders family

Walked down Saunders Road praying for Saunders family

Stopped and blessed with lovely view overlooking Bantry bay

Stopped and blessed with lovely view overlooking Bantry bay



Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with construction workers on the way

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with construction workers on the way





LongStreet4Jesus walking the cross 7 Dec

longstreet-witnessing-to-muslimsBeing very hot in Cape Town city at the moment i walk mainly towards late afternoon with the cross. i was undecided in which areas to walk tonight and told Winnie i am just going to walk on the M3 towards the city and go as the Holy Spirit leads me. As i passed the top end of Long street i felt led to walk up to Buitengracht street and turn down Wale street coming back up Long street. Long Street have a lot of restaurants, clubs and some very bad elements walking around and doing business in the area. Drugs seem to be easily available with drinking and partying being the norm there with ladies of the night doing there business as well.

When i got to Long Street i walked down on the pavement for about 1km. i was surprised how open the Muslim people when i greeted them in passing. A lot of people wanted to know why i am doing this which give me the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them.

A Muslim man approached me and ask if i am going to be crucified on the cross i am carrying. i told if it is so then as i am not worthy and they must crucify me upside down on the cross. i turned the cross upside down as shown in the picture which got a lot of attention with many people approaching and listening on the side as i shared the Gospel to this man.

i got to the top of Long Street +- 10pm that night and even as i walked the 2km back on the M3 to where we staying many people in passing hooted and saw me as i walk with the cross.

Thank you Jesus for touching many hearts as i walked with the cross tonight. All those that responded to the Gospel shared be with them and the seeds that was sown become fruitful. I thank you Jesus for answering all the prayed that i prayed for people during this time. Let your name be Glorified


Sharing the Gospel with Muslims in Long Street Cape Town


Somewhere on the road in Cape Town City at night

Walking Long Street in Cape Town at night sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Walking Long Street in Cape Town at night sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ




SeaPoint 6 December 2015

After Winnie and i visited Red Harbour Church in Hope street Cape Town for a lovely time of fellowship and singing Carols in the afternoon on Sunday 6th December we headed off to Seapoint to walk with the cross. Winnie walked a while with me and as the sun set she headed back to the car as i continued to walk with the cross. The Lord send many people across my path as i walked with the cross to share the Gospel . We started at 7pm and finished 10pm that. Rejoicing in what the Lord has done as even at the last minute a lady stopped and needed to hear that Jesus Loves Her. Below is a video i made as Winnie and i walking praying for the people of Sea Point in Cape Town