Peace for Grabouw

grabouw4jesusin 2013 and 2014 on my way to Cape Town with the cross i stopped over at Grabouw fpr the night and was blessed with a place to stay there. The first time i came into town i felt in my spirit that this town was very hostile and a lot of the people not very friendly. The second time i felt the same as it seems there is a lot of unhappy people there. As we know the only person that makes us unhappy is Satan. They have been having a lot of problems with the people stoning cars on the N2 which is also the main route to Cape Town. This has cause the N2 to be closed a number of time and this week it has been very bad. i woke up this morning with a heavy burden for Grabouw and posted this prayer on there Face Book group. This photo was also taken by David Morris from Grabouw at the exact spot where the trouble is

Father i come to you in Jesus name. i ask that you will protect the people of Grabouw that is going through a difficult time right this moment. i come against all the evil demonic forces that is trying to destroy the town of Grabouw right now in Jesus name.i call to naught all demonic and evil doings that is going on there in Jesus name. i also speak peace into the situation over Grabouw and its people in Jesus name. Lord i ask that you send angels into that area to protect the people and ask that you will restore the order there. Lord whatever the problems the people have in Grabouw i ask that it will be resolved peacefully. i ask Lord that the people will work together and not against each other to resolve there issues rather than turn to violence. i thank you Lord that the N2 will be restored as many have to get to work and take there children to school and i pray for protection over them that no harm will be done to anybody. Father in the name of Jesus Christ i speak peace over Grabouw right now in the name that is above any other name Jesus. Satan go in Jesus name. Fill every person with peace right this moment in Jesus name. AMEN