Urgent John316 Ministry Needs

winnieandismallWe urgently need the following items for our ministry as we will be traveling to all towns in the Western Cape for 2016.

  1. 50 – 100 watt solar panel + regulator as we get to many places with no electricity. We have a 100ah deep cycle battery and need this to keep the battery charged
  2. We need a set of roof racks as where we stay a lot of time i have to put the cross in the boot which is not practical and is also damaging the car. Sadly the cheap one you get for R500 don’t fit. Toyota sell custom for R3500 and i have also located a cheaper one made by Holdfast for R2550. When we travel from town to town we fix the cross to the caravan but most places we in remote areas and need to carry cross on car to location we doing ministry. Thank You Jesus for a donor that fulfilled this need we have. Bless this person for giving into the work we do for you. The make is also Holdfast
  3. Our front tires isĀ  finish. Back one is on the marker with front one very close and we urgently need tires. I have gotten prices and a tire is +- R750 and i will look to go for Perili tires a little more as they have been reported to give a better millage Total cost for tires +- R3000. For now we still have need for tyres but i have purchased 3 x second hand ones @R200 each which will give us some mileage
  4. Both our front and back break needs replacing. As we towing a caravan it is vital out breaks are working all the time. Back pads and disks R1000 and front pads and disks R1200. i am able to fit these myself and this is the cost of parts from Midas. I have fitted the back disks and pads. We still need to do the front breaks
  5. My Rocky sandles needs replacing as i am on the 3rd pair already with the current one just been patched up, The Lord provided finances for new rocky saddle. They cheaper that the one i am use to but seem they better made for the many hours i spend on the tarr roads

May the Lord bless you as you give into the work we do for the Lord

Johan & Winnie
Cell: 0817955040
John316 Ministries

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