Winnie and me Trusting the Lord for a Motorhome

Mission-HE-is-RISENGreetings in Jesus name, Winnie and me have in the last 8 months visited 77 towns to date with +- 140 to go to complete the task the Lord has given us to visit every town in the Western Cape with the cross. We have been very great full for the little 50 year old caravan we have gotten for R7000 of which i spend +- R2000 to renovate.

The way we continue on this journey we have seen that although the caravan help us a lot many times we arrive at places where there is no ablutions we had some urgent needs to get to a toilet which we had no access to. We also have to move a few items between the car and caravan to setup the bed to sleep as most times we arrive late in the next town we visit

Our little caravan is also 1.950 mt wide and my length is 1.950 with the result that for the last few months i have been sleeping at an angle with been not able to move around during the night casing pain in my feet

For us to enable to do this mission trip better Winnie and i am trusting the Lord to get a camper as they are fully equipped with a toiler and shower, you can walk from the front seats to the back area without the need to move stuff around and we can park anywhere next to the road to sleep for the night

Pray and trust with us in faith that the Lord will provide us with a camper.

We have seen a few motorhomes for under
R150 000 that will meet our needs.

If you want to help us in this please contact
Johan & Winnie on 081 7955040

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