The Joy of the LORD is our Strength – Vredenburg Cross Walk

Yesterday after a long strong windy icy walk in Vredenburg with the cross coming back as i looked up i saw this huge truck with the words ” The joy of the LORD is our strength” It blessed me so much and it gave me new strength as it was not a easy days walking and battling against the freezing wind with the cross.

Instantly i said to myself i need to take a picture of this truck and share with the world. As i was on the opposite side of the road with traffic on the double highway passing through Vredenburg i dashed across  and put the cross against a palm tree.

I got my phone out and just could not find the camera app to take a picture. As i was battling to get the camera app i hear the truck starts. i shouted as loud as i could ” STOP WAIT DON’T GO” but in the wind in the distance it was all in vain truck driver did not hear me. i managed to get the camera ready and as i stepped back to take a picture a car came in that lane and had to jump back on the pavement. I saw another big truck in the distance and quickly coming but jumped in the road again and managed to take these 2 pictures in perfect timing. The Lords time is always on time. Thank you Jesus

i see the company that the truck belongs to is RB Schroeder & Sons. Bless you guys as when you drive that this message will be well received wherever you on the roads of South Africa.

Gods riches blessings on your business and protecting and safe journey with you as you go. Johan & Winnie John316 Ministries