Mission: HE is RISEN

winnieandismallThe Lord call Winnie and me to go to every town no matter what size of the town with the cross in the Western Cape. When we get to the town we need to do the following;

  1. Walk the main streets with the cross of the town and proclaim that the fullness of Jesus Christ be restored
  2. Walk the main streets with the cross and intercede and pull down strongholds over the town that is holding people from following and worshiping Jesus
  3. As we walk with the cross when people come to us to tell them that Jesus died for them on the cross, HE is Risen and that He loves them.
  4. Share the gospel, lead people to Christ and pray for people as we walk with the cross
  5. At every town where there is a NG church to walk around the main NG church 7 times interceding in tongues with 7th time praising God aloud

Partner with us as we travel and live in a small caravan (now a motorhome) in prayer and by supporting us financially as we take the Gospel to wherever the Holy Spirit leads us

Have a blessed day
Johan & Winnie Marais

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